Sponsorship policy and guidelines

Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) has developed a Sponsorship Policy and associated Guidelines, and all sponsorships are handled in accordance with these. A Sponsorship Committee has been set up to administer the Sponsorship Policy and associated Guidelines, and to review major sponsorship proposals. A pro forma has also been developed to assist companies wishing to submit sponsorship proposals to FRNSW.

Outline of sponsorship proposal

For all significant sponsorships (those >$10,000), potential sponsors are asked to submit a brief proposal to FRNSW about the planned sponsorship. The following outline is suggested as a guide.

Sponsor information (Brief details about sponsoring company or organisation. Note that NSW Government policy prohibits sponsorship from alcohol or tobacco companies. Sponsorships will also be declined if they will create a conflict of interest.)

Project to be Sponsored (This may be suggested by the sponsor, or suggested to the sponsor by FRNSW from its list of unfunded non-core projects.) Typical sponsorship projects include community safety projects and programs.)

Sponsorship Details (Indicate the amount if cash is offered, or the value if products and/or services are offered. Also indicate the timing of the offer, and any special conditions. Offers of products and/or services will be evaluated against FRNSW’s operational criteria.)

Reciprocal Benefits Sought by Sponsor (These might include publicity and PR opportunities, naming rights, company name and logo on promotional materials, signage etc. Note that FRNSW does not endorse commercial products or services.)

How Sponsorship Proposal Came About (This might be in response to a tender or a call for expressions of interest, or alternatively from direct contact between the sponsor and FRNSW.)

Liaison Person at Sponsor (Please give name, title and contact details.)

Sponsorship of items for individual stations or clusters of stations should be sent directly to these stations.

Sponsorship opportunities

FRNSW will work with interested parties to develop a tailored and mutually beneficial corporate partnership program, encompassing the following sponsorship opportunities:

  • Principal Partner, encompassing all categories
  • Major Partners, in the categories of Youth, Diversity and Ageing and Disability
  • Program Partners, in the categories of Working Smoke Alarms campaign, Winter Fire Safety Campaign, Open Day and Recovery Kit


Chris Fish
Partnerships, Evaluation and Marketing Team Leader
Community Engagement Unit
Phone: 9742 7358
Mobile: 0408 297 759