Our community reach

Our services reach all members of the NSW community on a regular basis. From school children, through to senior citizens and everything in between, we serve the general population. Within each of our categories, more targeted reach can be achieved, eg. Uni students, first home leavers, mums and dads.

  • To protect and serve the community, we have a network of 337 fire stations across the State of NSW, operate a fleet of 667 vehicles, and employ around 6,800 firefighters and 429 administrative staff.
  • We promote fire safety and manage fire emergencies for 90% of the State's population in the major cities, metropolitan areas and towns across rural and regional NSW.
  • We also protect all of the State's 7.5 million people with 3.2 million households and its inland waterways from hazardous material incidents (such as fuel and chemical spills, gas leaks etc).
  • We co-ordinate 593 Community Fire Units at locations throughout the State, with almost 7,000 volunteers operating these units.
  • We are actively involved in local community activities, and carry out prevention activities with a range of local community organisations including childcare centres, schools, senior citizens groups, service clubs and various community groups.
  • Many of our personnel, and particularly our retained staff, are also personally very active in their local communities, something which Fire and Rescue NSW encourages.


Chris Fish
Partnerships, Evaluation and Marketing Team Leader
Community Engagement Unit
Phone: 9742 7358
Mobile: 0408 297 759