What can be sponsored?

The emergency management functions of Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) cover all stages of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. Our core response activities are funded by a mix of funding from state and local government and the insurance industry. We do not accept sponsorships for these activities, as funding for them is guaranteed by Government.

As well as responding to and managing emergency incidents, FRNSW aims to reduce the number and severity of emergency incidents and to help communities prepare for emergencies. Community safety is one of the FRNSW's three critical capabilities. Under this capability, we welcome companies partnering with us to fund and deliver a range of community safety initiatives and prevention programs. These programs focus on engaging the community and other partners to increase awareness of risk and deliver measurable improvements in community safety.

FRNSW welcomes the opportunities to discuss with suitable business partners about their marketing objectives, and to explore ways of meshing these with those of FRNSW. We are keen to develop and nurture ongoing relationships with sponsors that are mutually beneficial to both parties. Companies who have previously sponsored FRNSW projects will be given first option to renew prior to the sponsorship being offered again. This is subject to satisfactory performance from both sides, and the sponsorship continuing on a similar basis as previously.

Examples of Community Partnerships


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