Garage fire causes evacuations at Guildford

Published: 14th September 2007

A fire in a residential garage in Robertson Street Guildford resulted in approximately 120 people needing to be evacuated this morning. On arrival fire crews from Guildford, Chester Hill, Lidcombe, Merrylands and Burwood found the garage engulfed in flames. While protecting the adjacent house and neighbouring homes fire crews extinguished the fire. The blaze destroyed the garage and its contents which included acetylene cylinders. The roof of the garage had collapsed partly covering the cylinders hindering fire crews' ability to take temperature readings with a thermal imaging camera. Using the bomb squad robot was unsuccessful due to the amount of debris so two police officers in bomb suits were able to take the necessary readings to confirm that the cylinders were cool enough to approach. After inspecting the cylinders it was found that they had vented in the fire and they were placed in hazmat bins full of water to neutralise any threat. Once this was completed residents were allowed to return to their homes.