Factory Fire, Brookvale

Published: 10th April 2006

Shortly before 12.30 pm on 8 April 2006, the NSW Fire Brigades received triple zero calls reporting a factory on fire in Old Pittwater Rd at Brookvale. Brigades from Dee Why, Manly and Forestville were responded.

The Dee Why brigade arrived first to confirm large volumes of smoke issuing from a factory unit. The assistance of another brigade from Narrabeen was sought as firefighters wearing air cylinders entered the factory to investigate the source of the smoke and search the building. Fortunately, nobody was found inside. It was soon established that a fierce fire was burning in a joinery workshop. Crews rapidly advanced hoses into the building in an effort to cut the fire off and prevent it from spreading to other factory units. Within approximately 30 minutes the 20 firefighters at the scene had the fire contained to the joinery business. By 2 pm the fire was completely extinguished, but crews remained at the scene for another 50 minutes mopping up and assisting with investigations.

The joinery factory was severely damaged by the fire; however firefighters successfully defended adjacent businesses. There were no injuries.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.