CFU awareness and recruitment tools

Published: 9th December 0011

The following tools have been designed to assist you in increasing community fire unit awareness and recruitment in your local area. These tools can also be found on the CFU Portal under "Forms".

  1. CFU recruitment brochure can assist you in encouraging your neighbours involvement in the program. The brochure explains what the program is and its benefits. Download CFU recruitment brochure (PDF, 4MB)

  2. Mail drop recruitment pamphlet if you are unable to catch up with your neighbours face to face you may wish to drop a pamphlet in their mail box. This pamphlet has been developed to assist you in inviting new members to join your CFU. This pamphlet can be edited to include your unit’s details and local photos. Download mail drop recruitment pamphlet template (Doc, 185KB)

  3. Trailer/cabinet recruitment notice you may wish to enhance your recruitment activities by posting a notice on the outside of your CFU trailer/cabinet to notify your neighbours that you are inviting new members. Download trailer recruitment poster template (Doc, 160KB)

  4. Expression of interest form can assist you in collecting interested neighbours contact details. This form is to be returned to FRNSW so that we can organise further follow up and induction training. Download expression of interest form (PDF, 90KB)

  5. Mail drop CFU awareness pamphlet can assist you in providing a local message to your neighbours about the CFU Program, in particular your role and responsibilities and to encourage them to get involved in bushfire preparation and safety activities. This pamphlet can be edited to include your unit’s details and local photos. Download mail drop CFU awareness pamphlet template (Doc, 185KB)

  6. CFU Fact sheet provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of CFU members. Download CFU factsheet (PDF, 144KB)


If you would like hard copies of the above tools posted to you, please email the following details to

  • Subject line: Recruitment/bushfire safety materials
  • Body of the email: include your unit number (MHP-xxx or FHP-xxx), name and address details, and qty of items required.

NB. If you would like hard copies of the recruitment/awareness pamphlets or trailer/cabinet notice please return completed with your local details.