Busy time for firefighters in the Blue Mountains

Published: 19th July 2010

Fire officers in the Blue Mountains area have been kept very busy in the last five days. During this time, there have been two serious motor vehicle accidents on the Great Western Highway at Wentworth Falls that have involved numerous vehicles. Local crews responded to both incidents and one required the release of a trapped person by the rescue crew from Katoomba. Firefighters also provided fire protection at both incidents and assisted in treating the injured. Several people at both accidents were transported to hospital for further treatment. There was a fire in the traction wheels of the leading car of a train just near Valley Heights Rail Station early on Friday evening, July 16. This necessitated the passengers being evacuated to the other cars of the train so they could continue their journey when the fire was extinguished. There was a house fire at Lawson on Saturday, July 17, which destroyed the house. However, the prompt actions taken by the firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to the neighbouring houses, which were under threat when they first arrived. Then there was another house fire at Springwood this afternoon which was already burning through the roof when the first crew arrived. It capped off a very busy five days for the crews in these areas.