2006 Firefighter Championships: Competition in full swing on day three of the firefighter championships

Published: 23rd October 2006

Teams in the 2006 Firefighter Championships in Port Macquarie have run in four events today (Tuesday 24 October), despite the hot weather. Teams competed in the historic 'Hose and Hydrant' event for the last time, trialling an updated two person event that reflects current firefighting practices. Ending the event on a high note, Morisset Firefighter Troy Kempnich took first place in the historical event, twelve years after his father won the event in 1984.

The team from Kelso are performing strongly breaking the record in the Hose Hydrant & Extinguisher competition with a time of 37.23 seconds.

Commissioner Mullins again welcomed more than 200 local school children to the competition ground to participate in Fire ED. The students were able to stay for an hour to cheer on their favourite team, Port Macquarie.

Although there is no competition scheduled on Wednesday 25 October, teams know they are reaching the pointy end of the competition.

Results from day three of the Firefighter Championships

Event 7 – 600 gallon Pump First Aid Reel and Collector (4 competitors)

A team of four firefighters use an 'international' brand fire engine which carries a hose reel to strike a target. The firefighters then attach the hose to a hydrant and run the hose reel out to strike a target.


  1. Glen Innes (31.90 seconds)
  2. Scarborough (32.01 seconds)
  3. Nowra (32.54 seconds)
  4. Port Macquarie (33.20 seconds)
  5. Balgownie (33.31 seconds)

Event 8 – Hose and Hydrant (1 competitor)

One firefighter attaches a standpipe and branch to a hydrant, and runs out a length of hose, which is used to strike target. One other team member is allowed on the course to turn the water on and off wen required.


  1. Morisset / Troy Kempnich (22.49 seconds)
  2. Nowra / John Dun (22.55 seconds)
  3. Port Macquarie / Don O’Bree (23.02 seconds)
  4. Nowra / Chris Ison (24.13 seconds)
  5. Muswellbrook / Brad Kane (24.29 seconds)

Event 9 – 600 gallon Pump Suction (4 competitors)

A team of four firefighters use an 'International' fire engine to draught water through a suction hose from a portable dam. Two lines of hose are unrolled to strike the targets wit water.

  1. Kelso (18.69 seconds)
  2. Bega (19.04 seconds)
  3. Muswellbrook (19.37 seconds)
  4. Casino (20.19 seconds)
  5. Nowra (20.72 seconds)

Event 10 – Hose Hydrant & Extinguisher (3 competitors)

This event is used to simulate an attack on a fire with a water fire extinguisher followed by one line of 70mm hose, which then needs to be lengthened to go deeper into the fire. The time is calculated by adding the time to hit two targets with a reel of 70mm hose.

  1. Kelso (37.23 seconds)
  2. Nowra (39.57 seconds)
  3. Dorrigo (40.11 seconds)
  4. Glen Innes (40.69 seconds)
  5. Casino (41.24 seconds)

Leader board

Competition placings at the end of day three are

  1. Kelso
  2. Nowra
  3. Casino
  4. Glen Innes
  5. Scarborough

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