Public exhibition of the draft Fire Brigades Regulation 2008

Published: 8th August 2008

The NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) is responsible for administering the Fire Brigades Regulation 2003. The provisions of the regulation will be repealed on 1 September 2008 in accordance with the statutory repeal provisions under the Subordinate Legislation Act 1989 unless it is remade. The NSWFB has reviewed the regulation and proposes to remake the existing regulation, with some changes, to be known as the Fire Brigades Regulation 2008.

The objective of the proposed regulation is to provide the NSWFB with a mechanism to meet its objectives under the Fire Brigades Act 1989, by making provision with regard to the charges payable for certain services performed by firefighters, including attending at hazardous material incidents and false fire alarms.

New provisions in this Regulation provide for the recovery of additional costs incurred by the New South Wales Fire Brigades in the performance of certain services.

The proposed draft of the Fire Brigades Regulation 2008 and the regulatory impact statement are on public exhibition from 18 July to 8 August 2008. You can download the draft regulation and the regulatory impact statement from the links below.

Public Exposure Regulations Draft (PDF, 569KB)

Regulatory Impact Statement (PDF, 328KB)

The NSWFB invites written comments and submissions by Friday 8 August 2008.  You can send your comments and submissions to:

NSW Fire Brigades
PO Box A249,
Sydney South NSW 1232
or email to