NSWFB Continues search for new premises for Nowra Firefighters

Published: 6th February 2008

NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) Assistant Commissioner Mark Brown, Director Regional Operations, today said that the organisation was continuing its search for an alternative premises in which to locate firefighters from Nowra Fire Station.

Assistant Commissioner Brown assured firefighters and the community that identifying and relocating firefighters to alternative premises was a high priority for the NSWFB.

"The NSWFB recognises that co-location at the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) Centre is a temporary measure and we will continue to search for a suitable premises.

"The NSWFB has inspected over 20 commercial properties around the Nowra area and has been liaising with Shoalhaven City Council regarding the availability of other Council-owned sites however a suitable location that will accommodate our firefighters and equipment has not yet been identified," he said.

A site must provide firefighters with fast access to roads, the township, residential areas and other key infrastructure to enable firefighters to respond to emergencies quickly and safely.

Assistant Commissioner Brown said that the health and safety of firefighters is the Brigade's primary concern and that the NSWFB had also been working to ensure that the temporary accommodation at the RFS centre was satisfactory and adequately met the requirements of the firefighters.

"Since December 2007, the NSWFB has provided almost $10 000 to upgrade facilities at the NSWRFS Centre. Internal walls have been erected for privacy and an air conditioning unit, carpet, blinds and security lighting have also been installed," he said.

"The NSWFB acknowledge the ongoing support and hospitality of the RFS during this time. They have bent over backwards to assist us."