Factory Fire, Greenacre

Published: 14th January 2008

Late last night (11.20pm - 13/01/2008) Firefighters from Bankstown, Lidcombe, Lakemba, Chesterhill, Burwood, Revesby, Riverwood and Parramatta were called to a factory fire in Beresford Avenue, Greenacre. On arrival Firefighters found a building that was well alight with a large amount of thick smoke coming from the building. Firefighters set about fighting the fire using their large hose lines and wearing breathing apparatus for protection. The streets surrounding the building were closed during the fire fighting operations. Firefighters faced several problems fighting this fire, including:- gaining access to the seat of the fire, acetylene cylinders within the building (possibility of explosion), and downed live power lines (possibility of an electric shock). The fire was eventually brought under control and extinguished at 3.00am.