Pine forest fire in Albury

Published: 15th November 2007

This evening firefighters from Albury Central and Albury Civic, with assistance from the RFS, were called to two fires which threatened homes near a pine plantation backing onto the western edge of Albury. The first blaze broke out shortly after 5pm and came within 250 metres of houses along Florence Crescent in the Pemberton Park Estate. Fire crews were confronted with flames being fuelled by the undergrowth and then climbing high into the trees. The fire front was knocked down quickly but the fire did burn out about three hectares of pine trees and took about half an hour to contain and two hours to extinguish. Soon after, another fire broke out in bushland behind Klinberg Court and came within 50 metres of houses. The Community Fire Unit from Klinberg Court sprang into action to ensure that homes in the street were safe from the approaching fire. Police officers attended the scene after the second blaze broke out. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.