Checkout the Summer Fire Safety Checklist

Published: 30th November 2007

Leading insurer AAMI and the NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) today launched the Summer Fire Safety Checklist to better educate NSW households and holidaysmakers about what they can do to have a fire free summer.

Firefighters from Belmont Fire Station visited Belmont Pines Tourist Park to demonstrate the simple measures that people can take - whether at home or on holiday - to be prepared.

AAMI Corporate Affairs Manager Selina O'Connor said the Checklist provided helpful hints and tips to prevent fires as the weather heats up.

"NSW residents are starting to prepare for their summer holidays and we're asking them to factor in fire safety as part of their preparations. Whether you're staying at home or planning to go camping, caravanning or visit relatives, it's important to be fire aware, said Ms O'Connor.

"The Summer Fire Safety Checklist is all about being prepared so that you can prevent a fire from occurring in the first place or know what to do if there is an emergency."

NSWFB Commissioner Greg Mullins said: "We can all do things to minimise fire hazards either at home or on holiday and the AAMI NSWFB Summer Checklist gives valuable advice on how to ensure you have a fire free summer.

"Each year firefighters are called out to incidents across NSW which could have been prevented if some simple precautions were taken."

As the nation gears up for another long, hot summer, new research from AAMI shows that one in five (18 per cent) NSW residents would not know what to do if a bushfire threatened their home.  Ms O'Connor said that the Summer Checklist is a must read for holiday makers and offered the following advice:

"Prepare and protect your home particularly if you live in a bushfire prone area, by clearing gutters and cutting back overhanging branches. 

"Before you leave for your summer break, do a final check in and around your home to make sure it is safe whilst you are away and ensure all non-essential appliances are turned off to prevent overheating.  Ensure your smoke alarm is working so that if it sounds neighbours know to call Triple Zero (000).

"Check that all gas bottle and cooking facilities are in good working order a couple of days before you go on holiday in case any hoses or connections need to be replaced.  Upon arrival at your holiday destination, make sure you check connections again, and particularly before cooking, as they may have become loose in transit. Fire blankets are best located near cooking facilities.

"Familiarise yourself with the location of hose reels and evacuation points. Make sure your holiday destination has mobile phone coverage, if not, know where the closest public phone is," said Ms O'Connor.

Summer Fire Safety Checklist Download

Download the Summer Fire Safety Checklist(PDF, 1.4MB)