Commissioner's Caravan and Camping Safety Message

Published: 3rd January 2006

Many of us will be planning a caravan or camping holiday over the New Year period. Unfortunately many holidays can be soured or cut short because of camping or caravan fires.

Our firefighters are called to numerous caravan and camping fires each summer and I urge all holidaymakers to remember to be fire safe even when on holidays.

Simple things like fully extinguishing a campfire before you go to bed and having a properly functioning fire extinguisher in your caravan will mean you are better prepared to avoid tragedy and prevent your holiday from coming to an abrupt end.

Most of all I ask people to exercise common sense when they go on holidays. There are several things people should be mindful of when camping or caravanning.


  • Use a flame-retardant tent;
  • Check to make sure your camping area has mobile phone coverage so you can dial triple zero (000) in an emergency, and if there is no coverage, pre-plan how you can call for help quickly;
  • Extinguish cooking fires and turn off lanterns and stoves before going to bed; and
  • Never cook or smoke in a tent.


  • Fit a smoke alarm in the caravan as close as possible to where you sleep and test it when you arrive;
  • Have an escape plan in case of fire and make sure nothing blocks your escape route
  • Make sure your caravan has a fire blanket and a dry powder portable fire extinguisher stored near the exit; and
  • Exercise extreme caution when smoking, extinguish all cigarettes in ashtrays and never smoke in bed.

Greg Mullins
Commissioner, NSW Fire Brigades