Revesby Community Hall Fire

Published: 14th January 2006

Shortly before midnight on Saturday night (14/01/06) the NSW fire brigades Sydney Communications centre received numerous ‘triple zero’ calls reporting a building on fire in Macarthur Ave at Revesby. The Revesby fire brigade was at the scene in six minutes to discover that a fire involving a small bus had penetrated an adjacent brick building used as a community hall. At the request of the Revesby crew another three brigades were sent to assist realising 20 firefighters committed to this fire.

Approximately 150 people were evacuated as firefighters put on air cylinders to enter the building and initiate an attack on the fire and prevent it from spreading further. Crews also concentrated on extinguishing the bus as other vehicles were also exposed to the fire.

The fire quickly spread into the concealed area of the roof space above the hall potentially making it difficult for firefighters to access the fire and cut it off. However, within about half an hour of the call fire crews had the fire effectively contained. Firefighters remained at the scene until 2.30am ensuring complete extinguishment, carrying out salvage work and assisting with investigation.

The fire extensively damaged the roof section of the hall, destroyed a mini bus and slightly damaged two others. There were no injuries reported.

The cause of the fire is presently unknown and an investigation is being carried out by the NSW Fire Brigades Fire Investigation and Research Unit and the Police.

Contact Officer: Inspector Gordon Boath 0417 293 852