Portable Gas Cooking Appliance Accident, Lidcombe

Published: 27th January 2006

Just before 9pm on 26 January 2006, the NSW Fire Brigades received information from the Police indicating that there had been an explosion and fire at a house in Lidcombe. The Lidcombe fire crew was in attendance six minutes later and found a number of adults and children with burn injuries outside a house. Several neighbours had rushed to their aid.

Firefighters immediately gave first aid assistance to the casualties by applying cold water to their burns. They also conducted a search of the house to ensure that everyone had escaped and to check for fire. Crews quickly established that there was no sustained fire but there was evidence that a portable gas cooking appliance had exploded. Damage to the house was minimal.

Ambulance and Police arrived directly after the fire crews and all services worked together to treat the injured. Eight adults and four children sufferered from varying degrees of burn and smoke inhalation injuries. Eight ambulances were needed to treat the injured and convey them to a number of local hospitals.

Contact officer: Gordon Boath 0417 293 852