$1.27 million dollar upgrade to North Shore fire protection

Published: 8th February 2006

Commissioner Greg Mullins of the NSW Fire Brigades announced Sydney’s north shore would have improved fire protection from a $1.27 million high-rise firefighting unit that has been delivered to the NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) Crows Nest Fire Station.

"The unit has a 37-metre ladder and platform capable of reaching people who are trapped as well as projecting high pressure water streams at major building fires. It incorporates the latest in firefighting technology, and replaces an older unit at Crows Nest," Commissioner Mullins said.

"The northern Sydney area has substantial multi-level residential and commercial development.

"The ladder platform can extend up to 37 metres, enabling firefighters to rescue people from burning buildings more quickly, lift crews and equipment into otherwise inaccessible places and project vast amounts of water onto major fires."

Crows Nest Fire Station responded to 2,759 emergencies during 2004/05, including all types of fires, car accidents, chemical spills and storm damage.

"The unit will support not only Crows Nest Fire Station, which protects the North Sydney CBD and local government area, but may also respond to major building fires in adjacent local government areas, such as Chatswood, Ryde, Willoughby, the northern beaches and the city CBD," Commissioner Mullins said.

"The new fire-rescue unit is part of the largest roll out of new and upgraded fire engines in NSWFB history.

"By continually upgrading our fleet and ensuring we have the latest technology on offer, we are making sure local communities have the best possible protection," he said.