New South Wales' firefighting stocks strengthened

Published: 6th April 2006

Commissioner Greg Mullins of the NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) today (6 April) congratulated 20 graduates from the NSWFB Station Officer Development Program.

Commissioner Mullins said the new Station Officers would be sent to fire stations across NSW to manage fire stations and provide leadership and command at all types of emergencies.

"Being a Station Officer within the NSWFB requires a huge commitment to the community. I congratulate these new Station Officers on their achievement and commend them for their dedication over the past nine weeks of intensive study and training," Commissioner Mullins said.

"They have received training in administration, human resource management and specialist skills involved in leading fire officers during emergency operations including rescues, chemical spills, bush and structure fires and even dealing with the aftermath of terrorist attacks.

"Each graduate will manage a fire station and a team of fire officers or take up specialised management roles," he said.

Commissioner Mullins said the NSWFB was producing some of the most highly-skilled fire officers in Australia.

"The NSWFB has dedicated a lot of time and research into ensuring that its firefighters are trained in the latest emergency management techniques.

"The graduates have a minimum of nine years experience as fire officers and I am confident that their leadership and command training has equipped them to manage fire officers and resources in any emergency situation," he said.

Commissioner Mullins, the first officer to rise through the ranks to be both Chief Executive Officer and Chief Fire Officer, is well aware of the dedication these fire officers have shown.

"They will go on to become the future leaders of the NSWFB which has been serving this State for more than 120 years. These officers understand the proud legacy they have to honour as they strive to meet the challenges confronting our fire and rescue services in the new millennium," he added.

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