Bushfire, Raworth

Published: 7th April 2006

Shortly before 11am on 6 April 2006, the NSWFB received triple zero calls reporting a bushfire near Canterbury Dr at Raworth near Maitland. When firefighters arrived they found a large area of bush and grass alight close to a residential estate. First The fire was spreading rapidly to threaten homes in Stanton Dr, Goldingham St, Ohearn St and Canterbury Dr.

Twelve homes were evacuated as a precaution and Morpeth Road was closed. Firefighters concentrated on defending property until the fire front passed and conditions eased, at which time residents could return to their homes. Soon after, the wind increased and fire activity intensified, so additional assistance was requested. Ultimately 75 firefighters from 11 NSW Fire Brigades units and four Rural Fire Service units were committed to fighting the fire.

The fire was finally contained after ninety minutes of diligent firefighting. However, crews remained at the scene for another two hours completing extinguishment and mopping up.

Due to the efforts of the firefighters no property was damaged and there were no injuries.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.