Factory Fire, Mulgrave

Published: 20th April 2006

Just after 8 am on Thursday 20 April 2006, the NSW Fire Brigades received several triple zero calls reporting a building on fire in Mulgrave. Fire crews from Windsor and Riverstone were immediately responded. As they left the fire station Windsor firefighters saw large volumes of smoke and requested more resources. Consequently, 30 firefighters from six brigades were sent to the call.

Upon arrival the Windsor crew confirmed that a fire had enveloped a spray-painting booth in an automotive repair business and 15 workers had evacuated. Five of the workers were suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation and ambulances were called for. Firefighters gave first aid to the casualties until the arrival of Ambulance officers who continued treatment until the patients were taken to Hawkesbury Hospital.

Other firefighters put on air cylinders to enter the factory and attack the fire. Within 15 minutes the fire was contained. Fire crews then used thermal imaging technology to locate and extinguish all burning material in the heavily smoke-logged building. The fire severely damaged the spray booth and the roof above.

Firefighters remained at the site until around 10 am mopping up and assisting with investigations. The cause of the fire is being investigated by the NSW Fire Brigades Fire Investigation and Research Unit and the Police.