Factory Fire, Revesby

Published: 25th May 2006

Shortly after midnight on Thursday 25 May 2006, the NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) received numerous triple zero calls reporting a factory on fire on the corner of Marigold and Beaconsfield Streets at Revesby. When fire crews arrived they found a large factory building heavily involved in fire. Flames had penetrated the roof of the building and adjacent structures were under threat. Additional resources were requested and ultimately 60 firefighters from 12 brigades were committed to fighting the fire.

Spreading rapidly, the fire generated intense heat and it wasn’t long before the lightweight structure succumbed to the fire’s affects. Firefighters concentrated on protecting an adjacent office building on one side and a factory on the other. Ladder trucks directed water onto the fire from above while fire crews surrounded the fire with high volume hose streams. The determined efforts of the firefighters had the fire contained in two and a half hours and were successful in saving the neighbouring property. The office building was most at risk and suffered some minor external damage.

The fire generated large quantities of smoke and the NSWFB Hazardous Materials Unit monitored the smoke plume to ensure it did not present a hazard to health.

Firefighters remained at the scene throughout the day mopping up as pockets of fire continued to burn in hard to access areas.

The fire extensively damaged the factory. There were no injuries.