Off-duty firefighter saves Kingswood family

Published: 27th July 2006

Off-duty NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) Station Officer Carlos Henry and two local police officers battled intense flames and smoke to save a Kingswood family from a fire that engulfed their two storey townhouse on Wednesday morning.

NSWFB Commissioner, Greg Mullins, said the quick and selfless action of NSWFB Station Officer Henry and the police officers may have been the difference between life and death for the family.

Station Officer Henry, who was dropping his children at school, saw the fire and climbed up to the second storey of the house and entered the smoke filled bedroom to rescue a child and pass them to the police officers.

The two adults and four children, along with their rescuers were all taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. Two of the family members also received burns.

Commissioner Mullins said the NSWFB received numerous Triple Zero call about the fire just after 8.30am this morning which required seven stations to extinguish.

"The actions of Station Officer Henry to enter the fire without breathing apparatus and protective equipment despite the obvious danger demonstrates the commitment of our emergency services to protecting the community," Commissioner Mullins said

"I have called for a report on this fire and the actions of the fire officer and police officers with a view to formally recognising their deeds."

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