Be a Hydrant Hero, today

Published: 5th February 2016

Throughout the month of February, Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) firefighters are urging residents and businesses to find the water hydrant on the footpath and street closest to their home or place of work and check its condition.

In a fire emergency, knowing the location of and having unobstructed access to a water supply is critical to saving lives and property. Precious minutes can be lost in an emergency if firefighters are hindered by hidden or obstructed hydrants, particularly at night.

There have been numerous incidents throughout the state where firefighters have been unable to access the nearest hydrant in an emergency due to it being poorly marked, obstructed by parked cars, mud or debris, over-grown vegetation; or, garden beds built over the hydrant. Poorly maintained or unusable hydrants result in critical time being lost while firefighters clear the hydrant or search for and access another hydrant further from the fire. Don’t let this happen in your street.

Become a ‘Hydrant Hero’ in your street in just three simple steps:

  1. Find your closest water hydrant - identify and locate hydrants.
  2. Clear around the hydrant and ensure it is clearly marked and accessible.
  3. If maintenance or marking is required, report it to your local fire station, council or water authority.

The FRNSW Hydrant Hero campaign hopes to raise awareness and preparedness in the community. A social media competition in February will prompt people to become a Hydrant Hero. Send a photo of yourself with your hydrant, or before and after photos showing how your hydrant has been cleared to FRNSW: | entries go in the running to win a high-visibility limited edition T-shirt, a FRNSW gift pack and a family pass to the Museum of Fire, Penrith.

Post or share Hydrant Hero messages on your social networks using #HydrantFRNSW

Don’t let an unusable fire hydrant delay firefighters from saving lives and property in your street! Check your nearest hydrant is uncovered, clearly marked, well maintained and ready for use.

If you have any concerns regarding the condition or visibility of your nearest hydrant, please contact your local water authority, fire station or local council.

Further info, photos and video available to download at: or