Firefighters welcome country music festival goers

Published: 16th January 2015

Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) firefighters from Tamworth are gearing up for a busy country music festival with up to 50,000 visitors in town.

FRNSW Firefighter Dan Murphy, also a well-known country music singer, will be performing and firefighters will be out and about speaking with festival goers about fire safety, the role of FRNSW, and performing firefighting demonstrations.

The two local stations, 452 Tamworth and 508 West Tamworth, will also be conducting regular inspections of venues and camping grounds throughout the festival period to ensure festival goers are fire safe.

Superintendent Steve Hirst said it was important festival goers exercise their common sense, especially around barbecues and campsites.

“The Tamworth Country Music Festival is a great time of year with great music on offer,” said.

“Sadly, each year firefighters are called to several fire incidents where barbecues have gone awry, tents have been singed because campers were cooking or smoking too close and caravans have been damaged because cooking has been left alone.

“With the increased number of people in town, campsites are packed and it’s important everyone takes a few extra precautions to avoid a fire and possible injury.

“If you’re in a caravan or motor home, make sure you have a smoke alarm and that it is working, and anyone staying at a campsite should familiarise themselves with exits and any firefighting equipment available.

“Never cook near your tent and if a fire does occur, get out, stay out and call Triple Zero (000).”

FRNSW recommends this simple safety checklist to assist you to have a safer Country Music Festival:

  • Have a fire extinguisher or fire blanket at the ready.
  • Ensure your caravan or motor home smoke alarm is working.
  • Make sure you turn off any pilot lights in your caravan before towing or when the towing vehicles engine is running.
  • At camp sites familiarise yourself with any fire routines, exits or equipment installed and develop an escape plan for you and your friends should a fire occur.
  • Gas cylinders on caravans should be external, secure, with valves facing away from the van.
  • Before using a barbecue, check gas pipes and connectors are in good working order and never use an accelerant or leave your cooking unattended.
  • Keep heaters away from the internal fittings in caravans.
  • Have a portable radio to keep updated regarding weather conditions and fire restrictions that may be in force.
  • Never cook or smoke in tents and consider buying a flame retardant tent.
  • Turn off any lanterns and extinguish any campfires before going to bed.
  • If your caravan or tent catches fire, get out, stay out and call Triple Zero (000).