Firefighters issue BBQ fire safety reminder ahead of NRL Grand Final

Published: 5th October 2013

As the Sydney cross-city rivalry heats up ahead of Sunday's NRL Grand Final, Fire & Rescue NSW firefighters from both sides of the bridge are urging footy fans around NSW to follow a few safety tips before firing up the barbecue this long weekend.

Make sure your gas cylinders and hoses are in good condition before you fire up the barbecue especially if it's been in storage over the winter.

Never leave your cooking unattended and ensure the fire is extinguished or the gas bottle is turned off when you’re finished.

FRNSW figures from last year indicate the average number of fires caused by barbecues, especially gas barbecues, jumped by 58 per cent during October to December.

And if you're having a few drinks this weekend, take extra care around your BBQ. Cooking Under the Influence, or CUI, has been attributed to a number of fire related injuries and fatalities in NSW in the past year. CUI has also been attributed to the cause of hospital trauma admissions for the emergency treatment of burns.

FRNSW’s barbecue safety tips include:

  • Service and maintain your barbecue correctly - check cylinders for rust or damage and make sure connections are clear and fit properly before lighting. Check the date on your cylinder also to make sure it’s in date.
  • Clean your barbecue after use and ensure there is no fat or oil left in the drip tray.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the correct start up and shut down procedures.
  • Check the NSW Rural Fire Service website for information on Total Fire Ban details before lighting your barbecue.
  • Never put flammable liquid on to a barbecue.
  • Keep children away from the barbecue and store lighters and matches in a secure place.
  • If a gas leak occurs, and it is safe to do so, shut off the cylinder immediately and allow any gas to disperse.
  • After use, make sure the gas is turned off at the cylinder.
  • Call Triple Zero(000) in an emergency.