Wet and cold weather prompts home fire safety reminder

Published: 4th April 2013

Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) reminds NSW residents not to resort to unsafe practices to dry wet clothing and flooring during the current spate of wet weather.

Superintendent Tom Cooper, Manager Community Engagement and Development, said it was important that people were vigilant with home fire safety.

“It’s cold and wet and people will be pulling out heaters to warm up the house and putting clothes in the dryer. It can take just three minutes for a fire to take hold, but only seconds to prevent one.

“If you haven’t used your heater for a while, check the cords to fraying and other damage. Keep any flammable materials including bedding, curtains and clothing well away from heaters and make sure you turn it off before leaving the house or going to sleep.

“And before you turn the dryer on, make sure the lint filter is clean. If you are leaving the house, turn the dryer off.”

People can greatly reduce their risk of fire by identifying and changing risky behaviour and habits. FRNSW fire safety tips include:

  • Clean out the clothes dryer filter after every load
  • Keep clothing and other flammable materials at least 1m from heaters
  • Do not overload power points and power boards
  • Only use one appliance per powerpoint and switch off when not in use
  • Keep flammable material away from candles and ensure candles are extinguished when you leave the room
  • Water-affected electrical appliances and wiring must be checked by a qualified electrician before use.

To help identify potential risks in the home everybody is encouraged do a free FRNSW/GIO online home fire safety audit at www.homefiresafetyaudit.com.au