Fire & Rescue NSW response to house fire at Sans Souci

Published: 21st June 2012

Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) advises the following information in regard to the house fire at Campbell Street, Sans Souci this afternoon:

  • A Triple Zero call to a house fire in Sans Souci was received by NSW Police at approximately 1.02pm today <Thursday 21 June>.
  • The call was immediately referred to the FRNSW Major Incident Coordination Centre at Alexandria, for resources to be dispatched.
  • During this time, two crews from Hurstville and one from Kogarah were on route to the industrial action in the Sydney CBD. They saw the smoke from the fire and immediately responded to the location. Crews were on scene within 13 minutes from the time of the call.
  • Firefighters conducted primary search and rescue and commenced firefighting operations. They then conducted a secondary search, remaining on scene until the arrival of personnel from the Aviation Rescue and Firefighting Service. They then proceeded to the industrial action.
  • Crews from Mortdale and Arncliffe, who were also on route to the industrial action, also responded to this fire, along with a fire truck from the training college in Alexandria – these resources were turned back by the FRNSW Duty Commander when the position was in hand.
  • Recovery operations are continuing and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Information can be attributed to a Fire & Rescue NSW spokesperson.