13/09/11 - Firefighters attend acid spill at West Ryde

Published: 13th September 2011

At 1.27am this morning, fire crews were called by Triple Zero to reports of "smoke in the vicinity" of a building in Hermitage Rd at West Ryde.

Firefighters from Ryde responded and determined that there were fumes coming from a broken container at the rear of the premises. Firefighters from Eastwood and the Hazmat crew from Chester Hill were called in to assist.

Firefighters wearing protective clothing investigated further and determined that Hydrochloric Acid had leaked from a large container. Soda ash was used to neutralise a spill of approx 60 litres of acid on the floor. Fortunately the leak had not contaminated any area outside the immediate spill zone.

The area was determined safe at 2.50am and the site handed over to the owners for final clean up and disposal.