28/7/11 - Major shopping complex fire at Eastwood

Published: 28th July 2011

Over one hundred firefighters from twenty surrounding fire stations battled for four hours this morning to bring a large shopping complex fire under control. The fire started just after midnight in a fruit shop and quickly spread to an adjoining furniture store complex.

The building fires were adjacent to the major Eastwood Shopping complex and had the fire spread further, many dozens of shops and major supermarkets could have been involved.

Aggressive firefighting and working fire doors prevented the large fire from spreading through the entire Eastwood shopping complex, however many of these shops still suffered from smoke heat and water damage. The fruit store and furniture complex were completely destroyed by the fire.

At least fifty firefighters remained on scene throughout today to extinguish numerous hotspots and to perform salvage operations. Many roads around the shopping complex still remain closed due to these salvage operations. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.