8/7/11 - Tyre stack fire at Heatherbrae

Published: 8th July 2011

Early this morning fire crews responded to a fire in an industrial shed in Speedy Lock Lane, Heatherbrae.

On arrival crews found a stack of 50 tyres alight. Hindering their firefighting effort was an acetylene cylinder which was affected by radiant heat. Due to the volatile nature of the cylinder, crews had to cool it with a fixed line of water, and fight the tyre stack fire using ground monitors and foam, from a protected area. Once the cylinder was deemed safe, it was able to be removed allowing firefighters to move in and fully extinguish the fire.

Hazmat crews monitored the run off from the fire, and bunded the run off to stop it entering surrounding waterways. Attending crews came from Mayfield West, Hamilton, Lambton, East Maitland, Raymond Terrace, Tarro, Telarah, plus 2 Hazmat vehicles from Newcastle. The fire was completely extinguished at 12.00 midday, 10 hours after it started.