New $560,000 fire engine for Castle Hill

Published: 28th June 2011

Fire protection and rescue response in the Castle Hill community will be enhanced with Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) Commissioner Greg Mullins today announcing the delivery of a new $560,000 fire engine to Castle Hill Fire Station.

"This new vehicle is part of a FRNSW fleet upgrade which has seen more than 35 new fire engines and specialised vehicles delivered to fire stations across NSW this financial year," Commissioner Mullins said.

"The fire engine is specially equipped to carry state-of-the-art rescue equipment which is essential for Castle Hill’s role as the primary rescue service in the Hills Shire, often being called to perform rescues as far away as Wiseman's Ferry."

Primary rescue fire stations respond to a range of emergencies in which a person is trapped, including road accidents.

The new Castle Hill engine also has a pump that supplies up to 4000 litres of water a minute for firefighting operations and a foam system to fight chemical, petrol and bushfires.

The new vehicle is fitted with a GPS navigation unit and an electronic message board on the back to warn motorists of emergency operations. The engine meets stringent emission standards.

"An upgrade such as this ensures that our firefighters have the best equipment and the latest technology to ensure the safety and protection of themselves and the people they protect," Commissioner Mullins said.

"Castle Hill's firefighters do a tremendous job protecting the community and this vehicle will ensure they have the best equipment and the latest technology for their work."

The Castle Hill crew responded to more than 1370 fire and emergency calls in 2009/10 and took part in more than 260 community safety activities to educate the local community about fire safety.