22/06/11 - Hazmat incidents keep fire crews busy

Published: 22nd June 2011

Fire crews were kept busy at 2 seperate hazmat incidents today.

At Ingleburn, a 200 litre drum of Ammonia spilt in a factory in Williamson Rd. Fire crews evacuated approximately 30 workers from the factory, and set up a 100 m hot zone. Crews in fully encapsulated suits monitored the atmosphere, and continually took readings of the ph level. The area was made safe by cleaning up the spill with absorbant and the area ventilated. Crews were in attendance for over 7 hours.

Meanwhile in Musswellbrook, a tanker carrying 34,000 litres of Diesel overturned on Denman Rd. FRNSW crews and RFS crews were involved in bunding the area, ensuring spilt fuel didn\'t escape into the environment. Crews stayed in attendance whilst the contents of the tanker were decanted and the vehicle was righted. In total 6,530 litres were spilt. The driver was uninjured, and crews were in attendance for 9 hours.