23/06/11 - House at St Ives destroyed by fire

Published: 23rd June 2011

Fire crews from 5 stations, plus a Ladder Platform crew and Inspector responded to a house fire on Eastern Arterial Rd. Crews arrived to find the single level house completelty involved in fire. The fire was attacked by first arriving crews, who confirmed no residents were inside, whilst the next crews protected neighbouring houses from catching alight. The house was sverely damaged by the fire.

Later that afternoon a gas leak from a 200mm main in Macleay St Elizabeth Bay forced 80 residents to be evacuated from their homes. Fire crews dispersed escaping vapours from the main with their hose lines, whilst hazmat crews took atmospheric readings. Police enforced an exclusion zone 1.5 blocks from the incident, and ambulance crews treated 3 people suffering nausea. Gas company representatives shut down the gas leak, after ensuring it wasn\'t going to disrupt gas supplies to the area.