16/06/11 - FRNSW assists in flood crisis

Published: 16th June 2011

FRNSW Sitrep from Mid North Coast flood operations

FRNSW resources have been assisting throughout the mid north coast region due to the recent weather events. Whilst the State Emergency Service (SES) is the combat authority, local fire crews have been kept busy responding to numerous incidents including flooding, power lines down, trees down and assisting in sand bagging operations.

In addition to local resources, at the request of the SES, further FRNSW resources have been tasked with providing assistance with flood related operations:

Four senior officers have been tasked with assisting in liaison and team management roles.

FRNSW has provided three Swift Water Rescue (SWR) teams. Each team consists of four firefighters specifically trained and equipped to deal with rescue procedures during swift moving water rescue situations. These teams are standing by at Kempsey, Port Macquarie and Taree and have been assisting with evacuations.

FireAir 1, our joint Fire and Police helicopter resource, is currently staged at Taree and has has already assisted by providing a medivac from Clybucca of a pregnant patient.

It is anticipated that the main area of operations for today (16th ) will be the Taree area.