14/06/11 - Restaurant destroyed at Somersby

Published: 14th June 2011

In the early hours of this morning a restaurant was destroyed by fire at Somersby.

Firefighters were alerted at twenty nine minutes past midnight this morning (14 June) to the building fire in Kowara Rd at Somersby. When firefighters arrived they reported that the 20 x 30 metre building was well alight and called for assistance from further crews and the Rural Fire Service.

There were initial fears that two people were trapped inside the burning building and firefighters wearing breathing equipment made a quick search of the structure and determined that the building was unoccupied. There were also concerns that several LP gas cylinders would be affected and water sprays were directed to cool the cylinders.

It took firefighters an hour and a quarter to extinguish the blaze which destroyed the restaurant. Investigators are still on scene trying to determine the cause of the fire.