08/06/11 - Bush fire threatens properties

Published: 8th June 2011

Even in winter, the dangers of bush and grass fires are ever present!

Firefighters were kept busy today with a large bush fire at Wallsend Rd at Sandgate (near Newcastle). Despite the cold winter weather, thirty firefighters from six fire stations worked for an hour to control and extinguish a running grass fire that started in a nearby swamp area.

At one stage property in Rural Drive came under direct threat from two metre high flames. Firefighters were forced to apply sprays to several large gas cylinders in a factory site to protect them from flames and there were fears that numerous cars parked on the verge of a roadway would be exposed to the fast running fire. Roads were closed and a fruit market was placed on standby to evacuate, however effective fire fighting strategies by the fire crews successfully contained the blaze. No property damage or injuries were reported and the cause of the fire is under investigation.