07/06/11 - Two large gas leaks yesterday

Published: 7th June 2011

Two large gas leaks yesterday disrupted traffic and required 1100 students to be evacuated from their school premises.

The first incident occurred at 10.40am at the corner of Chester Hill Rd and Jocelyn Street at Chester Hill. During roadworks, a gas main was ruptured and firefighters established a 100 metre exclusion zone whilst gas company experts worked to seal the leak. Several houses were evacuated for about two hours. The incident was finally closed at around 2.50pm.

The second incident occurred at around midday outside Erskine Park High School in Swallow Drive at Erskine Park. Firefighters directed that all 1100 students be evacuated from the school due to concerns of gas in the area. The leak was sealed at 2.50pm and students were allowed back into classrooms. No injuries were advised during the incident