27/04/11 - Macquarie Park Railway station evacuated

Published: 27th April 2011

At around 4.30pm, an electrical fire caused the evacuation of Macquarie Park Railway Station at Macquarie Park in Sydney's north.

Fire crews were alerted by an alarm system which activated when electrical equipment within a switching room caught fire. The automatic fire suppression systems flooded the area within an extinguishing gas which assisted in containing the incident to one room within the station complex.

Due to a large amount of smoke the platform area was evacuated as a precaution with 700 commuters moved quickly to safety. Despite the closure of the platform, trains were permitted to proceed through the station without stopping. Thirty five firefighters from seven surrounding fire stations, including the State Rail Fire Service attended the incident. The area was declared safe and commuters allowed to return to the platform at around 6.15pm. No injuries were reported and investigations into the cause continue.