15/02/11 - 4 house fires plus 2 hazmat incidents

Published: 15th February 2011

FRNSW attende 4 house fires and 2 hazmat incidents today. In the early hours of the morning 15 firefighters from Rosemeadow, Campbelltown and St Andrews used 2 hose lines to extinguish a house fire in Rosemeadow, limiting the fire spread and damage to the house. At the same time across town in North Bondi crews from Woollahra and Bondi had a car fire in a garage, which they were able to quickly extinguish and stop spreading into the home. At Nelson Bay a spill of diesel in the water at the marina kept firefighters from Newcastle, Hamilton, Nelson Bay and Raymond Terrace busy for 3 hours. Crews were able to disperse the majority of the spill, and bunded the remaining preventing further spread to the waterways.