09/02/11 - Aircraft crash, 6 residential fires, major gas leak

Published: 9th February 2011

Today, the NSWFB processed 780 reports of incidents across the state. Highlights include:

Fire and Rescue NSW crews responded to a light aircraft that crash landed on a roadway in Smithfield today. Fortunately the two occupants (and their dog) were able to walk away from the aircraft after it made an emergency landing. Upon landing the aircraft flipped over and one wing was shorn off the craft, causing a leak of aviation fuel. Firefighters quickly applied foam blankets to suppress any risk of fire or explosion. The incident is currently under further investigation.

Crews spent many hours in attendance at a large gas leak near the Great Western Highway at Wentworth Falls. The leaking gas pipe was located six metres underground and due to the enormous depth of the dig, specialist trench shoring equipment was deployed by fire crews to enable gas company representatives to safely seal the leak. The operation took seven hours to complete and twenty two people were evacuated and power within the area was shut down as a precaution. No injuries occurred during the lengthy and difficult operation. Fire crews attended an additional eight gas leaks across the state today.

Fire crews today attended six residential fires at Doonside, Mayfield east, Cessnock, Niagara Park, Mt Riverview and Kelso.

Fire and Rescue officers worked for an hour to free a small kitten trapped inside a storm water drain at Prospect. A flexible search cam was used during the rescue to locate the kitten. These rescues provide excellent training opportunities for our fire and rescue officers to practice their life saving skills.

Firefighters attended fifteen grass and bush fires across NSW throughout the day.

Crews were called to extinguish a small electrical fire after a minor fault in a rail carriage at North Sydney. Crews also extinguished a large industrial bin fire in a carpark underneath the Hilton Hotel in George Street, Sydney.

A tractor and shed were destroyed by fire at Warral.

Fire Rescue crews attended 45 motor vehicle accidents and thirteen car fires across NSW today.

Firefighters attended four incidents involving snakes in houses.