12/11/10 - Large shop fire at St Ives, five residential fires, two building fires and two motor vehicle accidents.

Published: 12th November 2010

The NSWFB recorded a total of 601 incidents across the state today. Highlights include:

This evening, forty firefighters attended a row of shops on fire in Stanley Street, St Ives. Gordon firefighters were on scene within six minutes and reported that the top level of the two level building was seriously involved in fire. There were initial reports of a person trapped inside. Firefighters wearing breathing equipment immediately entered the burning building and attempted a quick search. However, within minutes the roof started to collapse and crews withdrew to safety. It took crews from eight surrounding stations about an hour to bring the fire in the two level structure under control. Fortunately no-one was inside at the time of the fire and no injuries were reported. One shop was extensively damaged and several other shops suffered smoke, heat and water damage. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Firefighters today also attended five residential fires (including two in kitchens) at St Mary's, Marsfield, Tregear, Cameron Park and Beresfield.

Firefighters attended a fire involving three ATMs in a building at Randwick. Crews also attended a minor fire in a factory at Punchbowl. Although minor, eight workers in the vicinity were overcome by fumes and required transport to hospital.

Firefighters responded to two Hazmat incidents at Salt Ash and Wahroonga.

Fire Rescue Officers were called to a serious motor vehicle accident involving a truck and two cars at Dubbo. Crews worked for several hours to successfully secure a load of hazardous chemicals on board the truck