Light Plane Crash in Canley Vale Rd

Published: 15th June 2010

On Tuesday 15th June at 0807 hours, Sydney Comms received reports that a light aircraft had crashed into houses in Canley Vale Rd. First on scene was Cabramatta Fire Station and they were confronted with a plane that had been destroyed on impact, and was well alight. Also in attendance was Fairfield, Smithfield, Liverpool and Guildford Fire Stations, along with Hazmat. The Duty Commander from Parramatta was the Incident Controller. Crews immediately deployed foam lines onto the fire. All care had to be taken as there were numerous live wires down and a running fuel fire had entered the drains and caused a car to catch alight 20m from the plane. Smoke was also appearing from a drain in the park 150m away. The car was extinguished, and the running fuel fire quickly extinguished by foam. Residents of surrounding houses and an adjoining school were evacuated by Police. Sadly, two people on board the plane were killed as a result of the incident. Crews remained on scene for many hours, offering protection to Police and ATSB investigators.