Fire commanders share experience across region

Published: 2nd May 2010

Emergency Services Minister and Member for Monaro Steve Whan will join NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) Station Commanders from 16 Monaro and South Coast fire stations at their annual conference in Jindabyne this weekend.

Steve Whan said the conference was an opportunity for Station Commanders from across the region to share their experience and further develop their skills as leaders in the NSWFB.

"These Station Commanders are the frontline officers who manage fire stations and firefighters, respond to emergencies and understand the issues and challenges in their local communities," Steve Whan said.

"Conferences like these ensure officers have the skills and knowledge they need to continue providing outstanding fire and rescue services to their local communities."

NSWFB Assistant Commissioner Jim Hamilton said the conference would also cover areas including IT, training, recruitment and hazard reduction works.

"The Station Commanders will be updated with the latest information on NSWFB initiatives from across our organisation," Steve Whan said.

"The event also is an important forum for the zone management team to hear first-hand about local issues and challenges facing firefighters across the region."

Steve Whan thanked the region's firefighters for their work every day across Monaro and the South Coast.

"Many of the officers here in Jindabyne this weekend are on call firefighters, who devote many hours outside their regular jobs and family responsibilities to protect their local communities," he said.

"Retained firefighters, together with their full time colleagues, are vital to NSWFB operations across regional NSW. Their commitment is crucial to ensuring the safety of residents in hundreds of communities throughout the State."