$2.2 million boost for fire protection in regional NSW

Published: 25th March 2010

Emergency Services Minister Steve Whan today announced six new frontline firefighting vehicles, worth more than $2 million will be delivered to NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) stations in regional NSW in the next few months.

Mr Whan made the announcement while handing over the keys to the first vehicle, a $350,000 fire engine to firefighters in Warren, in western NSW today.

"These engines are specifically designed for urban fire fighting and are going to stations in regional communities where they are most needed," Mr Whan said.

"This new fire engine for Warren is the first of the new vehicles to be delivered, and others will be going to Lismore, Gunnedah, Delroy, West Tamworth and Mudgee.

"Since last October we have commissioned 15 world-class fire trucks worth a combined total of $7 million in a major boost for community safety.

“The State Government's record $903 million 2009/10 emergency services budget includes $589 million for the Fire Brigades, included $18 million to continue updating its fleet."

Mr Whan said the new fire engines were part of the largest roll-out of new and upgraded fire engines in the Brigades' history.

"This latest round of vehicles will see trucks boosting the Fire Brigades' fleet to more than 655 firefighting vehicles," he said.

"Since 1995, the NSW Labor Government has allocated more than $243 million to provide almost 550 new and refurbished fire engines for communities around the State.

"The NSW Labor Government promised to provide our firefighters with modern, safe and reliable vehicles for their vital work to protect the people of NSW and these vehicles are just another step towards meeting this commitment."

NSWFB Commissioner Greg Mullins said the new fire engines would help firefighters do their jobs more effectively.

"Fleet upgrades such as these ensure our frontline firefighters are backed by the best equipment and latest technology to support fire crews in their vital work of saving lives and protecting property."

Vehicle type - location

Fire engine- Warren, Gunnedah, Delroy, West Tamworth, Mudgee
  • $350 000 fire engine
  • Features a high pressure pump capable of delivering 3000 litres of water a minute for fire fighting and a foam system to fight chemical, petrol and bush fires
  • The cabin of the vehicle has been increased in size to make it more comfortable for firefighters.
  • Reversing cameras have been fitted
  • Automated Manual Transmission, making the truck easier to drive

Large fire engine- Lismore
  • $528 000 fire engine
  • Features a water pump that supplies up to 4000 litres of water per minute for fire fighting operations and a foam system to fight chemical, petrol and bush fires
  • Carries state-of-the art rescue equipment and GPS unit, with an electronic message board on the back to warn motorists of emergency operations.