Firies get stadium ready to rock

Published: 18th February 2010

Fire Officers from the NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) have completed a comprehensive fire safety inspection of ANZ Stadium ahead of international rock sensation AC/DC’s three performances over the coming week.

Emergency Services Minister Steve Whan said the NSWFB had carried out a large scale pre-event inspection before the high-voltage concerts tonight, February 20 and 22. 

"The NSWFB has carried out regular inspections since the 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games to assess if all of the stadium’s fire safety measures are working and maintained as required," Mr Whan said.

"The AC/DC concert requires additional checks because the show includes a huge amount of pyrotechnics and fireworks.

"Fire officers carried out a thorough assessment to ensure the stage props, lighting, sound cabling and fireworks will not compromise any exits or safety. 

"The team has done a great job to make sure that everything is up to code so that concert goers, the band and stadium officials can have a spectacular, but safe, night to remember," Mr Whan said.
NSWFB Commissioner Greg Mullins said fire safety inspections were an important part of the work of the NSWFB.

"The NSWFB completes a considerable number of fire inspections throughout the year to make sure that public buildings, major venues and events in NSW are as safe as possible. 

"When you go to a concert, as well as being entertained, you expect to be safe and in the event of an emergency, evacuated quickly and safely.

"During the AC/DC concerts, NSWFB firefighters will be located on site so that they can take immediate action in the event of an emergency."