NSWFB reiterates no tolerance for workplace misconduct

Published: 14th February 2010

Following a newspaper report today detailing allegations of serious workplace misconduct in the 1970s and 1980s at some Sydney fire stations, the NSW Fire Brigades (NSWFB) reiterated its position that all forms of bullying, harassment and inappropriate workplace conduct are unacceptable, will not be tolerated, and any allegations, regardless of how far back they date, will be taken very seriously by the organisation.

While behaviours like those reported are believed to have been eliminated years ago, the NSWFB has already taken strong action in recent months to reinforce measures aimed at preventing and detecting all forms of misconduct, and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.

The measures include provision of a new, strengthened Code of Conduct to every employee, engagement of external experts to carry out a comprehensive review of workplace conduct and governance and recommend improvements, appointment of an advisory panel with external experts to oversee improvements, implementation of an independent, external complaints handling system, and the roll out of new workplace conduct training statewide in 2010.

All NSWFB employees have been continually encouraged to report any incidents of bullying, harassment or misconduct in the workplace either to their supervisors, directly to the NSW Police, the Independent Commission Against Corruption, or directly to the Commissioner, so that they can be dealt with appropriately.

NSWFB Commissioner Greg Mullins said "The 7000 men and women who make up the NSWFB are dedicated, courageous professionals. In today's Fire Brigade such behaviours are not tolerated and I am committed to doing everything possible to ensure nothing like that could ever happen again."