Delicate rescue from overhanging car - Parramatta

Published: 19th January 2010

Fire rescue officers were faced with a difficult challenge to rescue a woman trapped in her car which was protruding through the wall of a first level carpark in George Street, Parramatta on Tuesday 19 January 2010. The car had been inadvertently driven through the brick wall and half the vehicle was hanging over the roof of an adjoining school building and threatening to fall. An ambulance paramedic who had arrived first was in the process of attaching a winch cable to the rear of the vehicle when Wentworthville Fire Rescue arrived. A tow truck was seconded to help secure the vehicle which was also stabilised with wooden blocks. Fire rescue crews from Parramatta, Wentworthville and Eastwood worked for an hour to remove the rear hatch and seats and together with ambulance paramedics extricated the woman through the rear of the vehicle. She sustained only minor injuries but was very grateful to emergency workers who worked in a difficult situation to rescue her.