Electrical kiosk fire

Published: 12th November 2009

Late this morning, firefighters from Ingleburn and Macquarie Fields responded to a car fire in Nardoo St, Ingleburn. When they arrived, the firefighters discovered an aboveground electrical kiosk alight in a car park with cars under threat from the flames and a heavy smoke plume developing. They called for more assistance which included the Duty Commander, representatives from the energy authority and the Police. Due to the smoke, the Duty Commander requested that the Police evacuate the nearby Ingleburn Primary School. Once the power was isolated to the kiosk by the energy authority, the fire was extinguished using foam. The kiosk was destroyed and some cars were damaged by the fire. Hazmat crews monitored the atmosphere and when the detectors showed the levels were safe, the students were allowed to return to their school.