Service station fire Canley Heights

Published: 4th September 2009

This afternoon firefighters from Cabramatta, Fairfield and Smithfield responded to a car fire in a service station on Canley Vale Rd, Canley Heights. On arrival firefighters have found a car on fire which had also spread to three LPG cylinders in the service station. Additional firefighters were brought in from Busby and Chester Hill, whilst the Duty Commander from Parramatta attended to take charge of the firefighting efforts. Faced with a potentially very dangerous situation the firefighters quickly evacuated the occupants of the service station and set up a 200 metre exclusion zone around the burning cylinders. Using water sprays, the firefighters have commenced cooling the cylinders to minimise the risk of an explosion. Firefighters quickly brought the car fire under control. With the gas isolation valves now shut, the firefighters extinguished the cylinders to bring this fire to an end. Investigations into the cause are continuing.