The bushfire danger season has arrived, are you ready?

Published: 10th October 2006

The bushfire danger period has already begun across New South Wales. As we have seen in previous severe bushfire seasons, the threat of a fire is very real for those who live on the urban / bushland interface.

Preparing your home

Properly prepared homes are more likely to survive, so please take the time to prepare for bushfires. A thorough clean to prepare and protect your property now may save your home, your business or the lives of you and your family.

I urge all members of the community to contact their local NSW Fire Brigades station or Rural Fire Service (RFS) station or visit the Bushfire section of the NSWFB website or the NSW RFS website for simple, practical advice on preparing your family and property to survive what is shaping up as a possibly severe bushfire season.

Preparing your neighbourhood

While preparing your property for the bushfire season is important, so too is preparing your neighbourhood.

If there is a Community Fire Unit (CFU) in your street, consider becoming a member, or join your nearest RFS brigade.

Easy access to fire hydrants is important if there is a bushfire in your neighbourhood. Fire officers may need to access water from them so please check to make sure that the metal covers of fire hydrants in your street are easily located and are not overgrown or obstructed.

During bushfires, firefighting operations can be hindered by a lack of water. Fire officers may need to pump water from swimming pools and dams to protect your property.

To assist them to locate water, the NSWFB sponsors a program called the Static Water Supply (SWS) program which enables residents with swimming pools or dams to place a distinctive blue and white SWS sign in a visible location outside their property.

Firefighters from the NSWFB and NSW RFS do a great job protecting lives and property from bushfires. Please do everything you can to assist them by making sure your property is fully prepared for the upcoming bushfire season.

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Greg Mullins AFSM
NSW Fire Brigades